• Put on a new pair of non-sterile gloves and remove the cap and inner seal of the Vashe bottle.
  • Pour contents of Vashe bottle into the wipe compartment and saturate all wipes. Squeeze out the excess solution into the wipe compartment. Ensure wipes are fully wetted but not dripping.
  • Using the patient diagram, take the Vashe-soaked wipe to designated area number 1 and wipe thoroughly, being sure to get under skin folds and creases.
  • For wipes 2 and 3, start at the extremity, working toward the axilla. Continue with the wipes numerically and finish with the last wipe for designated area number 8.
  • After use, discard all wipes and tray. Do not discard wipes in toilet.

Get to know Vashe Wound Solution

Vashe Wipes are intended for the removal of microorganisms from high-risk patients’ skin in a biocompatible, safe, and effective way. This solution of hypochlorous acid (HOCl), developed through a proprietary electrochemical process, has been rigorously safety-tested. Hypochlorous acid acts as a preservative that inhibits microbial contamination within the solution.

Developed with Safety in Mind
  • Non-cytotoxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing
  • No oral, ocular, or dermal toxicity
  • No clinical contraindications for topical use

in vivo use
Data available upon request

Vashe Wound Solution has recently been demonstrated to be more effective in physical spore removal of Clostridium difficile from patients over the standard of care (soap and water).

Vashe’s removal of bacteria can also help with the dignity of your patients. Odor is always a concern for patients, whether they have visitors or simply want that clean, post-bath feeling. In heavily colonized, odorous environments, Vashe demonstrated the ability to remove odor completely.
• Average odor score of 4.58 on the Visual Analog Scale upon enrollment (n=31), reduced to zero at evaluation end.

burn icu study
Data available upon request

Even on the most high-risk patients, Vashe can benefit the patient in its ability to remove even drug-resistant pathogens. In a study with burn patients that instituted a new universal decolonization protocol (UDC), Vashe successfully assisted with the removal of MRSA, resulting in a decrease from 8.69 to 1.50 per 1,000 patient days, a decrease of 83%. Specifically to blood-stream infections, Vashe’s ability to remove MRSA demonstrated a decrease from 3.16 to 0.30 per 1,000 patient days, a decrease of 91%.

vashe wound solution

  • Biocompatible, safe, effective
  • Mimics the normal pH of human skin
  • Cleanses, debrides, and removes microorganisms from the wound
  • Reduces odor completely
  • Cleared for use on acute and chronic lesions
  • Non-cytotoxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, no oral toxicity
  • Proprietary formulation
  • Safe for use around eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and genitalia
  • Also indicated for use around exit sites and surgical incisions